How to install backup-manager on Fedora and configure Amazon S3

You may of noticed that installing backup-manager on Fedora (I’m using oldish version 9) isn’t that straight forward, particularly if you want to back up to Amazon S3. It took my a bit of messing around on how to do it so I thought it was worth sharing how I did it. Note that if you wish not to use Amazon S3 once its installed your all done.

Installing Backup-Manager

Download the RPM to your server

$ wget

If the link gets broken at some point there is a load more here If you use a different Fedora version you can find the correct RPM here.

You can install this now with

$ rpm -ivh backup-manager-0.7.8-1.fc9.noarch.rpm

If you dont need Amazon S3 to work your all done at this point.

Amazon S3

If you run it at this point your get the error message:

The upload transfer "s3" failed.

You must install 2 more packages that it doesn’t tell you about.

Do the following under root

$ yum search perl-File-Slurp
$ yum install perl-File-Slurp.noarch

Now one more package

$ yum search perl-Net-Amazon-S3
$ yum install perl-Net-Amazon-S3.noarch

And now you can configure your conf:

nano /etc/backup-manager.conf

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