Changing the spark plugs on a Chrysler Voyager V6

The rear spark plugs on a Chrysler Voyager V6 (2000) at first seem very difficult to change. I have heard of various methods, from gaining access from underneath the car, to lifting the inlet manifold an inch or two.

I decided to take the easiest approach, which might not be the quickest if you have access to a vehicle lift, but is relatively straight forward.

As well as a new set of spark plugs and ignition leads you may need a new inlet manifold gasket as it could break when you remove the manifold

Below is a step by step photo guide on how to replace the spark plugs, which you might find helpful if tackling the job yourself.

Note position of wiper arms
Remove wiper arm spindle cap
Remove wiper arm spindle nut
Remove wiper arm and wiper top panel screws
Panel clips
Remove flat nuts from wiper top panel studs
Disconnect screen washer tubing
Disconnect screen washer tubing on jets
Remove wiper box top bracket nuts
Remove main wiper box bolts
Remove main wiper box bolts
Remove wiper motor multiplug
Disconnect wiper box drain pipes
Lift out wiper box assembly for easy access to inlet manifold
Remove 3 alternator bracket bolts and rotate plate upwards
Remove distributor bolts
Remove air box and vacuum pipes, breather pipes, multiplugs, throttle cables on throttle body
Remove exhaust recirculation pipe bolts (a bit tricky)
Remove inlet manifold support bracket bolt from engine block
Remove cable mounting bracket bolt on back of manifold(left side) (a bit tricky)
Remove cable mounting bracket bolt (right side) (also a bit tricky)
View of cable bracket/bolts on back of manifold(may assist in removal)
Remove earth wires on bulkhead stud
Remove inlet manifold nuts and bolts
Remove inlet manifold and cover engine inlet ports
Remove ignition leads and Remove and replace rear spark plugs
Remove ignition leads and Remove and replace front spark plugs
Check wiring and multiplug cable mounting bracket
Fit new inlet manifold gasket
Fit new air filter at this stage if necessary and rebuild

Refit rear ignition leads; rebuild inlet manifold assembly, electrics and wiper box.

Parts used

13 thoughts on “Changing the spark plugs on a Chrysler Voyager V6

  1. gary

    hi very helpful plugs are done water pump has gone now i have found one on an american website (rockauto) wi this fit uk version i would be grateful if you could help

  2. Steve

    Hi Gary. I usually buy car spares (brakes parts and filters etc.) for my Voyager from Bristol Motor Parts (01179553311). But on checking with them today, they tell me Chrysler Voyager water pumps are only available through the main dealer. I haven’t checked the price with Dick Lovett, but I bet it will be advisable to be sitting down when they tell you! I haven’t tried purchasing any spares from the U.S

  3. dave allan

    many thanks doing engine change .engine and box out through the top split .change engine .forgot some of the item ie wear they go pic have helped .its also got lpg .many thanks again dave

  4. Jochen from Germany

    Hallo Gary, same problem here in Germany with the 6 spare plug. We try from below with some short tool. Hard work and take some time.

    Thank you for this phantastic instruction. I should find this earlier.

    Make a good day Jochen

  5. mike burr

    great step by step by your pictures and expertise I think I’ll have a professional change my plugs , thank you

  6. Alex Nava

    Thankyou from Mexico City. Very clear explanation. (Quite different of change spark plugs on my chysler aspen 1984!)

  7. anders flodin

    Good Stuff!
    I just want to confirm that I did exactly what you explained here, tried various methods used by others like reaching from underneath etc, none worked except this method, took me 2 long evenings the first time, second time you know there are no shortcuts so much faster.

  8. Baldboab


    Thanks for doing this I found it really helpful. I was going to give it to a garage, but might give this a go myself over a weekend. Can I ask do you think I could get the rear exhaust manifold out this way too? I think mine is cracked. The spark plugs neeed changing but thought if I was going to do the plugs this way, if possible I would do the manifold this way at the same time.


  9. Mr.O

    Thanks for this I found it really helpful.

    Is it possible to replace the rear exhaust manifold out this way too? It is cracked.

    Any help appreciated

  10. Bruce

    Successfully completed the job using this tutorial. And additional peice of advice, disconnect the pcv hose that runs horizontally under the inlet manifold before attempting to remove it. I snapped the hose when lifting up the manifold. Even if it didn’t brake, the pcv tube needed to be replaced anyway. It had hardened from all the heat. Autozone part # 46033, pcv tube connects to the cylinder head crank case vent.

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