6 thoughts on “Paul vs Chris – The 30 day run off

  1. Christopher Hill

    I would just like to point out that I broke my toe with about 2 weeks to go (only starting jogging again now – nearly a month off!), otherwise it would have been much closer. :-)

  2. Mike

    How were you able to embed the nike+ widget onto a wordpress page. I can’t seem to do it. Is it because I’m using the online version of wordpress from wordpress.com? Do I need to host through wordpress.org in order to embed the nike+ flash file?

    thx, mike

  3. Paul

    Hi Mike,

    Well all I did was to click ‘grab code’ button on the nike plus page and pasted it into the blog post. You do have to change it to code/html view as that’s what your pasting in.

    It is just a flash object and I think there is a button for that on the new wordpress.

    I’m not sure about wordpress.org because I’ve never used it but as far as I’m aware its the same.

  4. theodin

    hey, thanks for sharing. Im thinking of using the API to create a jquery plugin, however Nike only seem to support XML formats, might have to do some XML – JSON to get it working, anyway I will let you know how I get on! Cheers

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